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The Alchemical Garden

Original concept, narrative, and music
by Katie Down with Pam Aronoff

The Alchemical Garden was a walking sound installation created during the LABA artist
residency at the 14th Street Y. The piece is comprised of found sounds in the 14th street Y layered with original music and narrative. Participants were given individual mp3 players and walked with a guide throughout the building as
the building became a kind of “pardes” or garden
to discover through sound.

"...truly, beautiful, mind-shifting work. It felt
as though I was in a living, breathing work of art
and I felt as though I was in a film being made
just for us. The Alchemical Garden: A Soundwalk Journey" paints the seemingly mundane world
of the 14th Street Y as a sublime work of art, colored with feeling, sentiment and beauty.
It's truly a gift to experience."

Alchemical Garden (excerpt)

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