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The Secret of Steep Ravines
By Barbara Wiechmann
Directed by Rachel Dickstein
Original Music and Sound Design by Katie Down
Presented by RipeTime and PS 122

An old house full of secrets. A girl hungry with curiousity. Through the keyhole, we watch as her imagination unleashes a fury of dreams and questions, creating a surreal carnival that entrances and betrays. A visceral new theatre work driven by powerful physicality and vivid imagery. Developed in collaboration with the ensemble:Victoria Boomsma, Genna Brocone, Dion Doulis, Patrick Lacey, Erika Latta, David Natale, Julia Prud’homme, and Kameron Steele.

P.S. 122
150 First Avenue,
New York City

December 6th - December 29th, 2002


Hallway Voices

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