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Sheva B'rachot: Seven Blessings
Choreography: Barry Blumenfeld, Music: Katie Down, Video: April Cantor and Jerry Kolber, Painting: Jonathan Blum, costumes: Wade Blackmon.

A powerful exploration of love and life, SEVEN BLESSINGS is inspired by the festive traditions of the Jewish wedding ceremony. Rooted in the seven-in-one blessing that consecrates the cup of wine shared by the bride and groom, the work blossoms into universal themes of self-discovery, passion, innocence and love. Entwining earthy grace and staccato precision, seven performers dance through Jerry Kolber and April Cantor’s evocative video landscape. Accompanying them, a live ensemble plays Katie Down’s original score on a wide variety instruments that range from water bowls and Brazilian percussion to violas and flutes. Visual artist Jonathan Blum lends a striking set piece – a painted backdrop that transforms into a “chupah” (wedding canopy).

The Duke Theatre
W. 42nd Street
New York City

April 24th - April 26th, 2003

First Blessing (Excerpt)

Second Blessing (Excerpt)

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