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Vision Whisper
an exhibit of Sound and Fine Art

Visual artist, Janusz Jaworski, and composer/performer, Katie Down, collaborate in this exhibit of paintings and music composed both for each other and simultaneously. Exploring the contrapuntal relationship and balance between visual and aural media, the artists combine efforts to examine the common thread that runs through two different forms of artistic expression.

The degree to which the images and sounds mirrored each other and were integrated were equally remarkable.

Katie Down, composing freely in the avant garde tradition of John Cage, created her musical pieces from a host of recorded aural samplings: snatches of song, nursery rhymes, spoken word fragments, tinkling bells, chimes, percussive rhythms, and even throat clearings, among other unusual combinations that she combined in surprisingly coherent sound collages.

Chashama Gallery, New York City, November, 2002

Missing Them So Much

Voice Forms

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